Is it only weddings you perform at?

No, I perform at all types of functions and events including birthdays, engagements,functions, corporate events etc.

Where do you perform? 

I mainly cover the South, West and Eastern Wales areas and the Valleys etc. I do also travel to the South West of England and Herefordshire. If you're unsure please get in touch.

What kind of venues do you perform in?

The beauty of close up magic is that unlike other forms of entertainment it can be performed virtually anywhere, indoors, outdoors with no problems and there are no space or any other restrictions. 

Cabaret magic will be a static show and a small performance area is required. 


How many people can you perform to and how long are your performances?

On average 150 guests would be manageable for table or walkaround magic, if you have more guests I am able to arrange other magicians to assist me.

I can also perform a 30 minute cabaret show for small events with few guests such as dinner parties.

When do you perform?

I can perform at anytime you choose during your event eg. when guests arrive or during drinks etc. If you would like a performance during a meal I will perform in between courses and not while people are eating. This usually works well as in most functions there are always some tables eating and others waiting to be served. 

Is this your full time job? 

Yes, magic provides my main scource of income which is why I pride myself on taking a professional attitude on every booking that I do.

How do I go about booking you? 

You can e-mail me :- or telephone/text on 07899 093065.  I will always try to reply to e-mails within 6 hours and telephone messages within 3 hours if I am doing a show and cannot answer at the time you call.